DevOps and CI/CD in cloudy and secure environment for your organization

FMJConsulting is a company created by Frederic MARIE-JOSEPH in 2005 with the main purposes of

  • supporting organizations in their effort to get involve in DevSecOps initiatives
  • automate their pipelines with standards tools
  • adopt best practices in term of cloud and security.

Our main day to day activity is made of

  • Transformation of organization structures
  • Architecture design and evolution studies of IT services
  • Automation of Infra and application deployment
  • CI/CD implementation and analysis with key point of interest
  • Security audit

The business domains we knows :

  • banking ans inssurance
  • Aeronautics
  • electronic of defense
  • Healthcare and Bio pharmaceutical
  • Telecomunication
  • Retail and distribution

They already have confidence with us :

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